Sencha.App Matcha

Sencha.App Matcha

Country of Origin: Japan
Leaf Appearance: deep green, fine powder
Water Temperature: 160 degrees
Preparation Method: traditional
Liquor: frothy, deep green

Matcha from a company named Sencha? Why not! This vendor specializes in Japanese teas. They also have two very cool looking mobile apps dubbed Sencha and Matcha. They feature a tea timer, video instructions, and more. Unfortunately, the apps are only available for iPhones at the moment so I haven’t been able to test them out myself. Hopefully, there will be Android versions released in the future.

This particular matcha hails from Uji, Japan. As much I love eco-friendly packaging, I have to say that I’m not a fan of the cardboard tube container that it came in. I refrigerate my matcha to maximize freshness so a somewhat porous container is less than ideal. Tins or glass are my personal preference.


Sencha.App Matcha had good color, texture, and consistency. The aroma was fresh, clean, and subtly vegetal. When evaluating this type of tea I always look for a deep yet bright shade of green. Darker colors that lean more towards brown would be an indication of low-quality matcha. Sencha.App lists this tea as being from Uji. I do wish that they were a bit more specific about the origin. I also enjoy it when companies share the cultivar, although it is presumably Yabukita.

Sencha.App Matcha powder


Sencha.App Matcha frothed fairly easily, which always nice to see. I was able to get a thick layer of tiny bubbles without too much effort. The taste was pleasant and light. I would consider this a good matcha for those that are just starting for that reason. The vegetal note in the aroma came through as crisp sugar snap peas and baby spinach. It was also slightly nutty with lingering umami.

Although the tea was tasty, for this price I would prefer a more solid, airtight container. I also received a gyokuro from this company so a review of that will be coming down the pipeline soon.

Have you tried Sencha.App Matcha? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Matcha provided for review by Sencha.App

Sencha.App Matcha after whisking

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