Rishi Organic Dragonwell

Rishi is one of my favorite companies. In an inexpensive way, they make fairly good quality, organic teas available to the public. I think my local Whole Foods would have a very boring tea section without them. The dry leaves of this tea had the usual flat and long shape of a dragonwell tea, also known as Long Jing. They had a strong chestnut smell and taste to them. I brewed this tea in my Breville One-Touch Tea Maker using 180 degree water for three minutes.

The liquor was a light golden color and had a slightly grassy aroma. This tea is everything that a dragonwell should be. Sweet, mellow and roasty; it is just what the doctor ordered on a spring morning. The second infusion didn’t reduce the flavor by much, but I don’t think it would have held up to a third. I’ve been neglecting my greens lately and this one has made me want to make up for lost time. I would definitely recommend this tea.

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