Reader Questions: Do I Have A Favorite Tea?

One of the questions that I get asked most frequently is, “Do you have a favorite tea?”. It’s a difficult answer to come up with because it’s not exactly cut and dry. In some ways choosing a favorite tea is like choosing a favorite child. I love them all as I feel that they each have something different to offer. The tea of the moment changes frequently depending everything from my mood to the weather. Some days I crave Gyokuro and other days a Darjeeling really hits the spot. That being said, frequent readers of this blog know that I am an oolong kind of girl at heart. I love the wide variety of styles and flavors just within this one category.

But now you might ask, do I have a favorite oolong? The truth is that I sort of do. Phoenix style Dan Congs have always been my absolute favorite. As much as I love Dong Ding and Tie Guan Yin, nothing compares to the complex floral, fruity and earthy tastes found in a good quality Dan Cong. My first yixing was dedicated to this tea (specifically the from Seven Cups) and I have been drinking it in copious amounts ever since. Do you have a favorite tea? Tell me about it the comments!

I’d like to make this a regular feature so please let me know if you ever have a question about anything related to tea. Even I don’t know the answer, I probably have a friend who does 🙂