PG Tips Pyramid Bags Green Tea

Photo: PG Tips

This tea came packaged in the traditional PG Tips pyramid tea bags. The bags had a thin, perforated appearance. The dry leaves were pale green in color. The particles were larger than you would usually find in a tea bag, more closely resembling CTC.  I steeped this tea in boiling water for one minute. I also cold brewed it as an iced tea. I basically just tossed about eight tea bags into a pitcher full of water and let it sit overnight.

As far as bagged green teas go this one is very nice. It was sweet and nutty without being overly vegetal or astringent. Even when accidentally left to steep for too long there was very little bitterness. I could see tossing one of these into a travel mug of hot water when I am leaving for work. PG Tips has surprised me yet again with the quality of their bagged tea. I would definitely recommend this tea.

You can find out more about this tea here.

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