O-Cha Kagoshima Sencha Sae Midori

This sample is was most likely from last years crop. It was still an excellent tea but probably not as good as the fresh stuff would be.

According to O-Cha’s website this tea is a cross between Yabukita and Asa Tsuyu varieties and grown in southern Kagoshima. I made this tea in kyusu using 175 degree water and 45 second steepings. The dry leaves were small and slender with a deep forest green color. Even before steeping they had a strong grassy aroma. The liquor was a cloudy yellow-green.

This tea is deeply vegetal, both in aroma and taste. It was naturally sweet, almost reminding me of fresh baby spinach. There was very little astringency. I love a tea that is mild but savory and flavorful at the same time and this one certainly fits the bill. I would definitely recommend this tea.

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