Mauna Kea Tea Organic Premium Green Tea – 2013 1st Flush

Country of Origin: United States, Hawaii
Leaf Appearance: dark green with some white tips, very curled and twisted
Ingredients: green tea
Steep time: 2 minutes
Water Temperature: 175 degrees
Preparation Method: ceramic teapot
Liquor: very pale green

Ever since tasting Hawaiian grown teas with the folks from +Tealet I have been craving Mauna Kea’s green tea. I finally bit the bullet because I did not want to miss out on this year’s 1st flush. The taste was rather hard to describe. It was delicate and vegetal with a refreshing fruity sweetness. There was a slight roasted quality that reminded me of Tie Ping Hou Kui. The mouth-feel was smooth and buttery with just a touch of astringency. A faint underlying spiciness rounded out the flavor profile. I’ve noticed this in most of the Hawaiian teas that I’ve tasted. I love a tea that stays with you and this one lingered on my palate in the best way. What really made this tea for me was the aroma of the leaves after steeping. It was truly one of the most aromatic green teas that I have ever had. I just couldn’t keep my nose out of the teapot. I did three consecutive infusions and the leaves were definitely not done. One day I really hope to visit their farm and see the fields that produced this fantastic tea.

You can find out more about this tea here.

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