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How I Keep My House Smelling Like Tea

How I Keep My House Smelling Like Tea

There is nothing quite like the smell of tea and I love filling my home with it. Much to my boyfriend’s chagrin, it’s something that I’ve experimenting with a lot lately. Is there a way that you use tea around your home? Let me know about it in the comments!

Dry Leaves Deodorizer
I wind up with A LOT of used tea leaves on a daily basis. Without the capability to compost them, I always felt like I was wasting them. That is, until I started using them as a deodorizer. Tea is really absorbent of odor so it works well for this. All you need to do is dry out the leaves. This can be done in an oven, by laying them in the sun or using a tea roaster. Then just place the leaves in the area where you need to remove odors.

Green Tea Incense
A Twitter friend in the U.K. sent me a package of a green tea scented incense. How cool is that? They smell pretty good and I often use them during gongfu sessions to add to the ambiance. You can find them on Amazon here.

Tea Roaster
A few months ago I let you all know about a Kickstarter project from Ec-Cha. I won an electric tea roaster through their referral contest. Needless to say I was beyond excited. I haven’t yet found a tea to experiment with roasting but I have been using it to roast my used leaves. The apartment smells beyond amazing whenever I do, especially if it’s an aromatic oolong or Dian Hong.

Tea Linen Spray
My mother has a knack for finding the most unusual tea related presents. For Christmas she surprised me with a tea linen spray. That’s right! It has extracts of green tea, oolong, ginseng, orchid and lemon. I absolutely love how it makes my bed smell. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find anything about it online. For those who’d like to track some down, it is called Beautea Organic by Par Pureliving

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