Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup: October 4th – October 10th

The Friday Roundup is a weekly collection of five of my favorite blog posts from around the world. It’s my little way of getting the word out about all of my favorite tea blogs. Is there someone I’m missing? Let me know about it in the comments below!

How to Properly Serve & Eat Traditional Afternoon Tea

Have you ever wondered if there is a right way to do afternoon tea? Lu Ann from The Cup of Life has all of the details in this week’s blog post. Savories before sweets, no matter how tempting it may be to eat dessert first. I love that she gave a traditional menu example.

Book Review: Grow Your Own Tea

My own tea growing experiments did not go very well, but I am in awe of the luck Sara from Tea Happiness has had in Brooklyn. She shared a review of a book about growing your own tea that might just set me on the right track. This one is definitely being added to my Amazon wishlist.

Naoki Matcha’s Silver Yame Blend – Ceremonial Grade | Tea Review

Connie from Tea in Spoons wrote about her experience with a matcha that I’ve recently enjoyed. It was great to hear her thoughts on how it performed with different preparation methods. Like her, usucha is my personal preference but shaking in a glass bottle is handy for when you’re on the go.

1990s Guangdong bing 廣東餅 (圓票)

Late Steeps sipped on an unusual rare tea thanks to the generosity of a fellow blogger. This tea definitely sounds intriguing because it is origin is a bit of a mystery. It was pressed into a bing but the material may be from Guangdong, Yunnan, or ever a mixture of both.

This Teapot Needs No Handle

Jill from It’s More Than Tea shared an ode to one of my favorite pieces of teaware, the shiboridashi! It was fascinating to learn about its history in Japan. I’m a big advocate for these handleless teapots, especially for those that might be having trouble handling a gaiwan.

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