Friday Roundup: November 11th – November 17th

Review: Golden Yunnan from The Republic of Tea

I always enjoy reading reviews from Sara at Tea Happiness. Her beautiful photographs usually include my favorite things; tea, plants, and the NYC skyline. This week she wrote about Golden Yunnan. The pairing suggestions from the office tea club were especially helpful. You really can’t go wrong with putting chocolate together with this kind of tea.

6 Ways to Make, Drink & Enjoy Matcha

How much do I love matcha? Let me count the ways! Lu Ann from The Cup of Life listed six different ways to drink matcha on her blog this week. While traditional is definitely my favorite I also really enjoy mixing matcha with fruit juices, especially when I’m on the go. Her recipe for matcha mojitos sounds delicious too!

Why is Taiwan Known for Great Oolong Tea?

This week The Tea Maestro dove into the tea history of Taiwan, a country that is very much associated with oolong tea nowadays. Did you know that they produced much more black tea prior to the 1960’s? I loved the vintage photographs that Bruce shared as well as his experience seeing Oriental Beauty being made.

The Tea Leaves and Tweed Tea Primer: Prologue

Jen over at Tea Leaves and Tweed posted the first part of her tea primer. It’s a great guide to the basics of tea without being super complicated. I love how she discussed her own personal motivations for drinking tea and directs readers to a very useful book for more in depth information.

About the freshness loss of high mountain Oolongs

There’s nothing quite like opening a fresh package of high mountain oolong. Unfortunately, this type of tea can be difficult to keep fresh for long term storage. Stéphane from The Tea Master’s Blog offered some great advice for tea drinkers looking to solve this problem. My favorite on the list is #3, embrace the change.

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