Friday Roundup: November 4th – November 10th

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Silver Needle 101: A Guide to China’s Highest Grade White Tea

Rie from TeaCurious put together a knowledge packed guide to one of my all time favorite teas, silver needle. She covers everything from brewing and processing to the difference between Fujian and Yunnan silver needles. This post is definitely getting saved on my White Tea Pinterest board so that I can reference it in the future.

How matcha whisks are made in Takayama, Japan

Have you ever seen how a matcha whisk, also known as a chasen, is made? It’s an amazing process that never fails to awe me. Mel over at Mel Had Tea visited the Takayama Bamboo Garden and Museum. She was able to watch artisans craft a new whisk from beginning to end. I will definitely make it a point to visit this special place if I ever get to travel to Japan.

Vancouver Tea Festival 2018: Recap

Michelle at One More Steep gave us a play by play of her experience at the Vancouver Tea Festival. The Chinese Cultural Centre looks like such a beautiful venue. I would want to visit even if it wasn’t tea fest time. All of her photos made me feel like I was there. It was nice to see so many new vendors on the roster this year.


It seemed like everyone on my social media feeds was drinking White2Tea’s Lucky Puppy this week. This is one that I definitely wanted to try but it was definitely outside of my budget at over $200 per cake. Cwyn received a sample with one of her purchases so thankfully I can live vicariously through her post.

A Method for Infusing Sencha in Boiling Water

When we first get into brewing loose leaf tea, one of the first things that a tea drinker learns is to avoid boiling water when it comes to green tea. The truth is that tea is never really so black and white when it comes to brewing parameters. This week Ricardo at My Japanese Green Tea explained a method for brewing green tea using boiling water than he recently learned.

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