Friday Roundup: May 13th – May 19th

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You Say You Don’t “Do” Tea Blends, Huh?

Geoff at Steep Stories brings us a gentle reminder to quit being so snobby. A little-known truth is that many high-end teas are carefully curated blends. He has one of the most discerning tea palates I know but it’s nice to know that he still appreciates an iced jasmine pearl with honey just as much as a gongfu’d Da Hong Pao.

How to Design Beautiful & Practical Tea Sessions (Spring, Part 1)

Rie at TeaCurious put together a fantastic guide to designing tea sessions. I really love how she relates the seasonality of Cha No Yu to gongfu teaware choices. I’ve definitely noticed my own preferences shifting to the lighter side over the last few weeks as spring arrives ever so slowly. Her tea tablescapes always make me smile when I see them pop up in my Instagram feed.

Tips for Taking Your Tea Outside

Speaking of tea in warmer weather, Sara at Tea Happiness is the master of taking tea in the great outdoors. I love seeing her summer vacation photos every year. She makes gongfu on the beach look easy! This week she shares some of her tips for taking your teaware with you everywhere you go.

Song Yi Tea Lishan Oolong

Georgia at Notes on Tea reviewed a Taiwanese oolong this week that I thoroughly enjoyed when I reviewed it here on the blog in January. Her tasting notes were like a delicious blast from the past! My notes are kept digitally these days but I really like her idea of being a scribe in mediveal times.

Stonemill Matcha Cafe

There’s a new matcha spot in San Francisco that every tea drinker needs to check out. Anna from The Tea Squirrel and Mike from The Tea Letter visited at the same time and I really couldn’t choose between them for this week’s roundup. It is always interesting to get different perspectives, especially from some of my favorite writers.

San Francisco Stonemill Matcha Cafe – first impressions

Stonemill Matcha: The Best Matcha in San Francisco

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