Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup: May 6th – May 12th

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Some Thoughts & Problems With Traditionally Store Pu’erh

Tea DB is well known for their entertaining videos but I think what I enjoy even more are the thoughtful blog posts that James writes, especially on the subject of puerh. Buying traditionally stored puerh can definitely be a tricky thing but he offers some great pointers. I’m reminded of several poor choices I made when I first got into tea. 

Making Hojicha With a Japanese Tea Roaster (Hojiki)

Connor at The Steeped Leaf experimented with using a hojiki, a clay roaster that lets you make your own hojicha at home. The results sound really delicious! Roasting at home is a great way to repurpose Japanese green teas that are past their prime. I’ve been meaning to pick one up because Japanese teas slip right through the mesh of my electric tea roaster.

Teaware Review: Primula Glass Teapots

Sara over at Tea Happiness shared a thorough and beautifully photographed review of two different glass teapots this week. Pots like these are a bit large for how I drink my tea these days but they are great for flowering teas and sharing with others. She’s doing a giveaway on Instagram that ends at midnight tomorrow. Make sure you go enter!

The Final Fantasy of Buying Puerh

Cwyn shared her thoughts on the puerh market and the increasing prices that we’ve seen year after year. I’ve definitely heard some people theorize that we are currently into another puerh bubble, ala the 2007-2008 market crash, but Cwyn believes that we are not anywhere near the pricing ceiling yet. I have to agree with her as prices only seem to continue to rise.

NYC Double Decker Bus Tour with Tea Stops

I’ve lived near NYC my entire life and have worked there for many years but somehow I have never been on one of the famous double-decker tour buses. I’d much rather walk when exploring the city but I LOVE Jee’s idea of making it into a bit of a tea tour. The matcha and ube swirled soft serve at Besfren has definitely been added to my must eat list!

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