Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup: July 26th – August 1st

The Friday Roundup is a weekly collection of five of my favorite blog posts from around the world. It’s my little way of getting the word out about all of my favorite tea blogs. Is there someone I’m missing? Let me know about it in the comments below!

Teas I Drink In A Day #2

Antonia from Steep. Sip. Repeat. shared a fun log of all of the teas she drank in a day. She enjoyed seven different teas ranging from milky sweet oolong to a floral herbal blend.I’ve been meaning to write one of these myself. I just keep forgetting to write down what I drank and take pictures!

Meet Herb

My buddy Geoff at Steep Stories isn’t a tea pet kind of guy so I was surprised to see him write about one this week. Herb is a sweet traveling tea turtle. I loved learning more about how he got started on his journey. I’m sure he’ll start popping up in my Instagram feed as he makes his way.

3 Goat-Cheese Crostinis for Your Next Tea Party

I rarely eat food with my tea but there is a whole world of pairings to explore. Danielle from Tea and Me Blog posted recipes for three tasty crostinis that would be perfect for serving at a tea party. They all sound like amazing combinations, especially the salmon herb.

Oh My Darjeeling

Darjeeling is seriously underappreciated. I was happy to see Jackie from By Golly, Ollie! write about her experience with the new batch of Rohini First Flush from Masters Teas. Those first few sentences are like a haiku to motherhood. Unkempt hair and peanut butter jeans!

Time for Tea….at The Ritz London – a post Covid-19 lockdown adventure!

Afternoon tea is an indulgence many of have been missing this year. Rachel and Lorna from Tea with Me and Friends took part in a socially distanced offering at The Ritz London. I really enjoyed reading about their experience. Everything on their cake stand looks delicious!

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