Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup: December 9th – December 15th

Taiping HouKui

Elaine from Contemplative Tea wrote about her experience drinking Taiping HouKui from Harney & Sons. This is one of my favorite green teas and I very much share her affinity for those big, beautiful leaves. I love that she closes her tea reviews with a contemplative thought. This tea inspired her to think of Dr. Seuss!

The Basics of Preparing Matcha

Michelle from One More Steep penned a short but sweet guide to preparing matcha. This is a great place to start if you are new to drinking the green stuff. Her advice about practice making perfect is especially important. I had a true tea nerd moment when I realized that I use the same exact tea strainer as she does for sifting her matcha.

2018 Tea Book Roundup

World of Tea, now the official blog of the American Specialty Tea Alliance, released their annual tea book list this week. There are several favorites and a few that I really do need to get around to picking up. My tea book shelves have a habit of overflowing but there’s always room to squeeze in one or two more.

Picking Tea in Sri Lanka (& where have I been?)

There are few things that make me happier than see a post pop up in my feed from a blog that has gone dormant. I was pleasantly surprised to read an update fro Elizabeth at The Tea Journals. She spent two weeks traveling to Sri Lanka this year and I cannot wait to hear about all of the tea adventures she has had.

Personal Puerh Aesthetic: a Who-What-Where-Why Consideration

Cwyn (of Cwyn’s Death by Tea) is one of my favorite tea writers because she is a true story teller. This week she explored how our early life experiences can have an effect on our tea drinking hobby. It’s not something that I ever thought about before but there is certainly a lot of food for thought in this week’s post.

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