Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup: December 2nd – December 8th

2013 Golden Flower Dark Tea Fu Zhuan from Tea Art of China

Fu bricks from China’s Hunan Province are well known for their “golden flower” mold. It can still be a bit hard to find in the west, especially in smaller quantities than a massive brick. Oolong Owl is one of the few people I know who REALLY like this tea. Her tasting note of spun honey definitely makes me want to give it a try.

Books that Inspired Tea Book Authors with Jane Pettigrew

Georgia from Notes on Tea has been writing a great series on books that inspire tea book writers. This week she featured one of my favorite authors, Jane Pettigrew. It was great to hear that two books I’ve very much enjoyed were on her list. Much to my surprise there was one book that I have never heard of. I’ll have to try to track it down.

Podcast 038: Mizuba Tea

I love it when two tea friends collaborate! This week Ricardo from My Japanese Green Tea interviewed Lauren from Mizuba Tea, one of my go-to vendors for matcha. Her enthusiasm is contagious and Ricardo asked some really thoughtful questions. Seeing this pop up in my feed reminded me that I need to stock up soon.


Kimberly from Let’s Talk Tea reviewed a very interesting “old tree” black tea from Thailand. Her tasting notes sound absolutely delicious. It is interesting how strongly it affected her physically. This would probably not be a good night time tea for that reason, though. I love a strong black tea and sounds like this one is right up my alley.

The Tea Leaves and Tweed Tea Primer: Level Three

Jen from Tea Leaves and Tweed has penned the third installment of her tea primer, a guide for those that are just getting started with tea. Level three covers some of the more advanced techniques like gongfu brewing. Her tips for how to hold a gaiwan without burning yourself will definitely be useful for those that have not used them before.

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