Friday Roundup February 24th
Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup: April 21st – April 27th

The Friday roundup is a weekly collection of some of my favorite blog posts from around the tea world. It’s a great way to find new writers to follow!

2018 WuyiOrigin Smoky Lapsang [Episode 311]

Denny and James from TeaDB tasted a smoky Lapsang from one of my favorite tea producers. So I’ve only shared oolong reviews from Cindy Chen of WuyiOrigin but I’ve heard some really great things about her traditionally smoked Lapsang. You might also know this tea as Zhen Shan Zhao Zhong.


Congratulations go to Kimberly at Tea Is A Wish Your Heart Makes. Her blog turns five years old this week. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to run a blog for any period of time and this is a big milestone. I’ve loved following her journey. Here’s to many more years filled with cups of tea!

Hooty Tea Travels – 2019 Mediterranean Atlantic Cruise 2 – How I Tea on a Cruise Ship

Char from Oolong Owl has been cruising around the Mediterranean for 12 days. Making tea while traveling is always a challenge but this week she shared all of the different ways she had tea on the ship. Taking a clay pot makes me nervous but this post definitely made me want to give that a try.

How To Grow Tea Pt. 2: From Inside To Outside

Sara at Tea Happiness is giving urban tea growing a try and her plants are doing really well. She’s beginning to transition her little seedlings to the great outdoors. A neighborhood squirrel wound up killing all of my tea plants but this series makes me want to try my hand at tea growing again.

Annual Hand Picking and Hand Rolling Event in Wazuka | TEA 101

Connie at Tea in Spoons traveled to Japan last year. One of the amazing things she was able to see is the annual hand rolling event in Wazuka. Nearly all tea in Japan is made using machines but temomi tea is a rare treat that everyone needs to try one. I hope to see it done in person one day!

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