Friday Round Up: July 31st – August 6th

2016 Diving Duck Sheng Puer from White2Tea – Tea Review
+Charissa Gascho always seems to have the best props for her tea reviews. An adorable sailor tea owl with his own matching boat was definitely required as she reviewed one of +White2Tea‘s newest teas.

Tea Review – Teanami Bu Lang 2011 Raw
I love reading reviews of a tea that I’ve tasted in order to compare notes. +Georgia SS and I had different experiences but we also used different brewing parameters. My own write-up of this tea is in the works.

Westholme Tea Farm – Canadian Tea Releases
Sherra at Tea And Scandal was lucky enough to attend the release of the first commercially available harvest of Canadian grown tea. So exciting!

Tasting: Spring 2016 Sheng by Misty Peak Tea
+sara shacket did a tasting of perennial favorite, +Misty Peak Teas. Yiwu is one of my favorite regions and I adore the apricot notes that she picked up in this tea. The analogy of comparing her tea journey to a rhizome is perfect too.

Oriental Beauty and Other Bug Bitten Teas: Fact or Fiction?
+Eric Scott dropped some science on +Tony Gebely‘s blog this week. I love bug bitten teas but there are a lot of fakes out there. I really love how he addressed the claim that Oriental Beauty is always an organic tea.

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