Friday Roundup

Friday Round Up: January 3rd – January 9th

I must apologize for the late round up this week. My work schedule hasn’t been super cooperative even with scaling back my posting frequency. Sorry about that folks!

Teaware.House Teaware Review
White2Tea, one of my favorite puerh vendors, recently launched a new teaware sister site. I lived vicariously through +Charissa Gascho‘s post while waiting for my own goodies to arrive. How could Oolong Owl not pick up a super cute owl tea pet?

China Ching Cha Chinese Teahouse in Georgetown, Washington DC
I think every tea lover has a running mental list of places we’d like to visit. Ching Ching Cha has definitely been on mine for a while. +Georgia SS does a great job of describing her experience there. Now I’m looking forward to the food as much as the tea!

The Six Basic Types of Tea and How to Brew Them
Mel Had Tea put together a great little tutorial post on brewing tea this week. If you’re just getting started on your journey with the leaf, this link is an awesome place to get down the basics!

A Poetic Riddle in a Teacup
+Bruce Richardson brings a fresh look to an often repeated tea quote. I love how he relates each line to real life scenarios. The scientific study about the effects of L-theanine was also fun to nerd about.

Book: The Tea Cyclopedia
I didn’t think it was possible but Tea Stacks found a book on tea that I have not yet gotten my hands on! I loved reading AJ’s thorough and thoughtful review.

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