Friday Round Up: December 25th – December 31st

Tea Will Change the World
Leave it to +Geoffrey Norman to end the year with a nugget of hope for us all. I couldn’t agree with him more. Tea most definitely will change the world!

Saturday Morning Tea
Karen at Art and Tea has a way with words as well as pictures. In this week’s post she explores a first flush Darjeeling dubbed “Snow White”.

My Tea Favourites for 2016
Hannah Ruth Tea has been making some really great YouTube videos. In this installment, she gives us some of her favorite tea things.

O5 Tea Bar
Daisy from A Tea Girl’s Journal visited a Vancouver tea spot that has been on my wishlist for a long time. Those cobalt blue gaiwans are swoon worthy!

A Very Merry Holiday Tea Party at Disneyland Hotel
+Bonnie Eng‘s description of the holiday tea served by the Disneyland Hotel makes me feel like I was sitting at the table with her. Afternoon tea isn’t always my style but this festive service sounds irresistible.

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