Friday Roundup

Friday Round Up: December 11th – December 17th

The Tea Squirrel interviews Geoffrey Norman
+Anna Mariani interviewed fellow tea blogger +Geoffrey Norman. Tea filled nerdery and hilarity.

Cup of Tea Ornaments
I’m thoroughly convinced that +Bonnie Eng is the Martha Stewart of the tea world. These cute and creative ornaments are definitely something I plan to make eventually.

It’s Tea Leafster Launch Day!
Please welcome brand new tea blogger Jelmer to the fold! His introductory post is a far better read and much less awkward than my own was many moons ago.

The Parts of Portland’s Tea Culture that The Oregonian Missed
+Geoffrey Norman did a great job of pointing out some of the parts of Portland’s tea culture that The Oregonian missed in their recent article.

I’ve been avidly following the adventures of Lisa from +Tiny Pinecone Teahouse and Bakeshop. In this week’s post, she shares a bit about her experience shadowing tea master Fu Chen. One of my favorite lines is, “At this point, I know the steps, but I am a long long way from knowing the magic.”.

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