Even More Awesome Tea Creators of YouTube

Almost three years ago I wrote a blog post called Awesome Tea Creators of YouTube. Things have changed a bit since then. Some of the channels on the original list aren’t active anymore and several new channels have come onto the scene as well. It was high time that I put together another list.

Teacups and Blossoms

Rebekah has so much energy and passion for tea that is positively infectious. We had the pleasure of meeting in NYC last year and she’s exactly the same in person. It’s her mission to make tea fun and approachable for everyone.

Tea End Blog

Gabby at Tea End Blog has a great channel that is an extension of her tea blog. In addition to tea and book reviews, she does a ton of contests and giveaways.

Gaiwans on Fleek

How did I not think of this awesome channel name? Gaiwans on Fleek features light-hearted but informative videos from hosts Jason and Erin. They both own tea companies and really know their stuff.

Life’s a cup of tea

Stephanie’s blog has been featured on my Friday roundup several times but did you know that she has a YouTube channel too? Look for unboxings, hauls, tea reviews and more.

Jenni King

Jenni is a YouTuber who combines two of my favorite things, tea, and reading books. Each season she reports her tea empties, letting us know what she enjoyed and what she didn’t.

Hannah Ruth Tea

Hannah is another fellow blogger who makes some really great tea content. She does lots of tastings as well as unboxings, tea-infused cocktails, and informational videos.

Tea Leaf Project

Stephanie is easily one of the most active tea YouTubers. There are lots of tea reviews and unboxings. She also collects a ton of teaware, especially from David’s Tea.

Miss Mary Lu

If you love tea, board games, and other geeky things you’ll really enjoy the videos Mary puts out twice a week. Tea quite literally transforms her in every video!

While you’re headed to YouTube, make sure that you subscribe to my channel too! Do you know of any fantastic tea-focused YouTube channels that I missed? I’ll be doing another installment in the future that focuses on tea companies who are making great videos.

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