Friday Roundup: July 30th – August 5th

Hugo: the European summer cocktail gets a tea makeover

I’ve been living vicariously through the European adventures of Anna at The Tea Squirrel. She discovered a summer cocktail that sounds like it’s right my alley. Cold-brewed silver needle is the perfect tea twist to make it even better!

Matcha Ninja Cold Brew Matcha

One thing I really appreciate about Char at Oolong Owl is her thorough reviews that are tough but fair. Given the side by side comparison that she made with a Japanese matcha, I don’t think this one is for me.

Story of My Tea: Hello! Iced Tea Pure Camellia Collection, a Tea Review

Amanda at My Thoughts Are Like Butterflies reviewed an interesting collection of pure teas that are designed for cold brewing. I’ve been doing a lot of that this summer, especially experimenting with different varieties.

Rediscovery of Japanese Tea

Tomo at Japanese Tea Story attended a tasting held by Oscar Brekkel. We haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting but I’ve heard so much about his work in promoting Japanese teas from friends around the globe. I love the idea of serving tea in wine glasses!

Tea, Coffee, and the Arakai Estate Terroir

Geoff at Steep Stories wrote about coffee (gasp!) this week but I’ll give him a pass this time. It was all in the name of science. He explored the terroir of the Arakai Estate in Australia by comparing their teas alongside two different roasts of coffee.

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