Friday Roundup: July 23rd – July 29th

Matcha Avacado Toast

It made my heart happy to see a post pop up in my feed from Alexis at Teaspoons & Petals. She’s one of the hardest working and busiest gals in the biz but this week she gifted us with a delicious recipe. Impeccable, as always.

Pine Oolong – Golden Tea Leaf

Tea-Tography’s posts always make me wish that I had a better setup for taking pictures. This week’s entry proves that even tea bag tea can be beautiful. Her honeysuckle tasting notes definitely make me want to give this one a try.

Historical Thieves of the Tea World

The history of tea is filled with some pretty interesting stories. Tea Stacks penned a very interesting post about a trio of thieves, two of which I had only read about in passing. Robert Fortune usually gets all of the limelight but I’m looking forward to learning more about Jacobus Jacobson and Mohammad Mirza.

Pussy…By White2Tea

I’ve been waiting for the reviews to start rolling in for White2Tea’s 2017 lineup. Despite the name, the tea definitely sounds like it would be up my alley. Cody’s descriptive tasting notes (and excellent pictures) only added to the fun.

Tea Fest PDX

The western half of the country has way cooler tea festivals than we get here on the eastern seaboard. I’ll be adding any posts I find about Tea Fest PDX here:

Hooty Tea Travels – Tea Fest PDX 2017 in Portland Oregon

Tea Fest PDX, a longer post!

Tea Fest PDX: A Great Celebration for Us All

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