Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tea Places: Podunk

The other day I stumbled upon a tea place that has been on my to do list for a while. I didn't have a ton of time since I was on my way to work but it was nice to sit and grab a bite to eat. The decor was an eclectic mix that I can only describe it as a grandmother's kitchen crossed with a charming country antique store. The space is pretty small so it wouldn't be good for large groups but solo dinners or couples wouldn't have a problem. For such a tiny place, it had a very decent sized menu. There were a lot of choices that sounded delicious but I opted for the "This and That". Everything was presented on colorfully painted wood trays. I thought that was a really nice touch that was different from any other tea place I've been to in NYC.

The tea service that I ordered included three savory mini pies, dessert and tea. I'm a sucker for scones so they were my immediate choice but cupcakes, cookies and other treats were also available. I'm not sure what exact flavors my pies were but they were all absolutely delicious. The one with spinach was definitely my favorite. The scones were plain but very tasty, as was the cream and jam that was served with them. Some of the reviews online are mixed but I found the owner to be friendly and sweet as can be. Since I was by myself I took some time to read a book on my Kindle. The atmosphere was relaxing except for a nearby table of three who hadn't heard of the term "inside voices". There are two downsides to this place, they don't have a restroom and they are cash only. Both cases are easily remedied by hitting a Starbucks bathroom and the ATM before visiting :)

You can find out more about this tea  place here.