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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Matcha Bowl from Studio KotoKoto

Way back in February, I was completely starstruck when I first saw Sakai Mika's matcha bowls on +Studio Kotokoto. The designs were so uniquely modern yet classic at the same time. Unfortunately the particular pattern that I wanted was sold out very quickly. They were very kind when I emailed inquiring if there might be any left but I pretty much forgot about it since then (other than the occasional weep while going through my Want! board on Pinterest).

A few weeks ago I was surprised to see an email in my inbox letting me know that one had become available. Needless to say I did a happy dance and promptly Paypal'd the dough. It arrived meticulously packed with a lovely handwritten note. Studio KotoKoto has some really lovely wares from a variety of Japanese artists. I cannot say enough about the level of customer service. Make sure that you check them out!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Teavivre Organic Superfine Dragon Well

Country of Origin: China
Leaf Appearance: jade green, flat
Ingredients: green tea
Steep time: 1 minute
Water Temperature: 185 degrees
Preparation Method: glass test tube steeper
Liquor: very pale, greenish

I tend to not be much of a green tea person but there is nothing like the smell of Dragonwell brewing. With good quality green tea subtlety is key. At first, I was hardly able to taste anything at all. After each sip, I noticed a lingering sweetness. This eventually developed into complex notes of asparagus and chestnuts. There was even a hint of a floral aroma. This became even more prominent as the tea cooled. There was no bitterness and hardly any astringency. You all know that +TeaVivre is one of my go-to companies when it comes to Chinese teas. Earlier this year I reviewed their Organic Nonpareil She Qian Dragon Well. I almost wish that I had tried them in the reverse order. While this tea was very good, that one was a higher grade that set the bar very high. That being said, this version is also much less expensive. If you have a taste for Long Jing but a limited tea budget, this would make a much better choice.

Organic Superfine Dragon Well sample provided by Teavivre.

Monday, October 20, 2014

A New Way of Displaying Teacups

Displaying teacups has always been a challenge for me, especially on shelves that are higher up. I recently found some nifty stands on Amazon that were a great solution. They're just simple plastic pieces that allow the saucer to stand up behind the teacup. Not all cups will fit perfectly but I didn't run into any where I couldn't make it work. Some of my saucers have pretty designs that were hidden until now. That definitely makes me happy. I'll need to pick up one more pack to finish everything but my teaware collection is already looking more organized.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Round Up - October 12th through October 18th

Obsessed by Tea and How to Know
Cwyn's brand of wit and sarcasm are just my cup of tea. This list definitely speaks to much of my life as an obsessive tea drinker. Especially the part at the end about having to pee...

Matcha Cornflake Clusters
+Bonnie Eng is at it again! This recipe had me drooling (and making a mental note to pick up some culinary matcha). I thought that the poppy seeds added a unique touch.

Teaity's Quick Guide to Tea Certifications
There are so many tea certifications out there, its hard to keep all of those logos straight. +Teaity posted a really handy guide that clears everything up a bit.

A Complete Guide to Loose Leaf Green Tea
+Scott Anderson over at Tea Minded recently penned an incredibly thorough guide to green tea. I love how much effort to went into this post! He covered everything from the different grades of sencha to health benefits.

Chinese Marbled Tea Egg Recipe
I still haven't tried making tea eggs but Tea Galaxy gave me some inspiration with this guest post from +MayKing Tea. I'm not a fan of hard boiled egg yolks but I'll eat anything if you put tea in it :P

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Beau Bien Fine Foods Apricot Darjeeling Preserves

I love finding tea infused treats almost as much as I love finding new teas to drink. Recently +Joseph Wesley Black Tea was serving uptea in NYC at Michele Varian Home Design. I stopped by to say hello but my eyes lit up when Joe told me to try these apricot preserves that were made using his Darjeeling. It was amazingly delicious! The texture was perfect and I loved that the Darjeeling was really able to shine through. I've been spreading it on toasted English muffins and sipping his 2014 Classic Chinese (review is in the works). If you are in the Detroit area I definitely recommend picking up a jar...or two...or three...or four.

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