Guinness World Records of Tea

Guinness World Records of Tea

Pondering about tea as I often do, I got to wondering what sort of world records have been set that involve tea. According to Guinness World Records, tea holds the title of “oldest cultivated plant for drink”. Here are some of the other records that they list:

  • Most Cups of Tea Made in One Hour: 725
  • Largest Tea Party: 32,681 participants
  • Oldest Tea Leaves: around 2,100 years old
  • Largest Tea Cosy: 1924 squares, stands at 3.9 meters high and 11.1 meters in circumference
  • Most People Whisking Tea Simultaneously: 288 participants
  • Largest Iced Tea: 912 US gal, prepared in a cup measuring 9 ft
  • Largest Cup of Tea: 4000 liters. The teacup itself measured 10 ft in height and 8 ft in width.
  • Largest Collection of Tea Bag Tags: 839 tags
  • Largest Collection of Tea Bag Holders: 116 different tea bag holders
  • Largest Collection of 3-piece tea sets: 999 full sets, consisting of 2,097 individual pieces of porcelain
  • Largest Ceramic Teapot: 5 ft 10 inches in height and 4 ft 11 inches in diameter The teapot is made of purple sand and can hold 22 lb of tea each time. The cover of the pot weighs 132 lb.
  • Largest Simultaneous Tea Party: 280,246 participants at 6,062 locations

I’m a little surprised at how few records there were considering the popularity of tea. Perhaps I can set my own record for most cups of tea consumed 🙂

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