Friday Roundup: October 21st – October 27th

Friday Roundup: October 21st – October 27th

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The Tea Vlogger in “American Vandal”

Leave it to Geoff from Steep Stories of the Lazy Literatus to dig into the inspiration behind a tea vlogger character on the Netflix show American Vandal. Even if he does use tea balls, I think it is pretty cool to have some representation in mainstream media. Maybe fans of the show will find their way into the world of tea.

Ochazuke: a delicious Japanese tea soup

This week Anna at The Tea Squirrel posted a recipe that sounds so tasty and comforting. I love the idea of using a toasty hojicha in place of broth. This is definitely something that I need to try. I’m not a fan of poached eggs but I bet it would be just as tasty with a substitute of scrambled eggs.

The Great British Tea Festival 2018 Roundup

There’s nothing better than a fantastic tea festival. Megan at Biodiversitea shared her experience at the very first Great British Tea Festival. She got to take a picture with both Jane Pettigrew and a Dutch tea grower. How cool is that! Hopefully we’ll see more events like this pop up around the world in the near future.

Where to Drink: One Day in Seattle

Rie at TeaCurious posted a list of some of her favorites spots to grab tea in the city of Seattle. I have yet to make it to the Pacific Northwest, despite having MANY tea friends who live there. This is something that definitely needs to change soon. I am going to start making a tea travel bucket list, to be tackled once I get back from my honeymoon of course. 🙂

Tea Tasting with Yoon Hee Kim of Tea Classics

Georgia from Notes on Tea attended a tasting earlier this year put on by fellow tea friend and educator extraordinaire, Yoon Hee Kim. Tasting and comparing notes on twelve different teas definitely sounds like a good time to me. Hopefully my work schedule will allow me to meet up with my NYC tea friends soon. I’m missing them quite a bit these days.