Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup: May 24th – May 30th

The Friday Roundup is a weekly collection of five of my favorite blog posts from around the world. It’s my little way of getting the word out about all of my favorite tea blogs. Is there someone I’m missing? Let me know about it in the comments below!

Hojicha Gold Roast: A Hojicha Co. Review

Antonia from Steep. Sip. Repeat. shared her thoughts on the lighter roast offering from Hojicha Tea Co. Her review style is always short, sweet, and engaging. I am really enjoying the dark roast from this company so this sounds like a tea that I need to try.

2019 Fall into the Danger Zone Autumn Sheng Puer from Crimson Lotus Tea

I’ve been really tempted to try Danger Zone from Crimson Lotus Tea so I was excited to see a review of the fall harvest version on Oolong Owl. Her description has definitely added this tea to my wishlist. I love sheng puerh with a thick texture, even if they do kick you in the face a bit.

What Do You Need for Gong Fu Tea Brewing?

Tea Adventures shared a short guide to everything you need to brew tea gongfu style. It is easy to get wrapped up in accumulating teaware but I love this pragmatic approach. At the end of the day all you really need is a brewing vessel and a cup to drink your tea out of.

I Visited Dobra Tea in Greenville

I so miss visiting tea houses so this week I lived vicariously through this post from Eric at One Man’s Tea Journey. He had the good fortune of being in Greenville right when Dobra Tea reopened. It sounds like he had a great experience and even got to introduce his brother-in-law to kabusecha.

How COVID-19 Is Affecting Tea Vendors

Coronavirus is affecting many businesses. Sara from Tea Happiness interviewed the owners of several different tea companies to see how they are faring. Many of those she interviewed are people that I have known and supported for years so it is good to hear that they are doing ok so far.

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