Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup: May 20th – 26th


Alex from Dead Leaves Club posted a great tutorial on how to rewrap your puerh cake. This is something that I definitely still struggle with even after all of these years so his tips were very useful. This is a new blog written collaboratively by three knowledgeable tea dudes. You’ll definitely want to subscribe if you haven’t already.

Hand-Made Black Tea from 90 years old tea tree

Tomo at Japanese Tea Story had the amazing experience of processing a black tea from beginning to end. The rolling aspect was particularly interesting for me because this something I’ve had trouble with when trying to make my own tea. Drying the leaves using a hairdryer is also a technique that I’ll need to give a try.

Solo Session Simple Gongfu Style Tea Brewing Basics

Are you new to gongfu? Check out this handy-dandy guide from Pamela over at Chaolyst Tea. Making tea this way can be very intimidating but she breaks everything down in an easy to understand way. If you are looking for recommendations for tea places in the San Francisco Bay area, she has both a map and calendar of tea events on her blog.

Why Don’t People Understand Puerh Fermentation?

There are few people I know who understand fermentation, especially when it comes to puerh than Cwyn. This week she discusses the basics of how tea is fermented and some of the issues that puerh can present for tea drinkers today. This is definitely one that I’ll be bookmarking for future reference.

A Tale of Two Senchas

Megan at Tasting Teas did an interesting comparison tasting of two different senchas. She is quite knowledgeable about Japanese tea and culture so there is a lot to learn in this post even though there was limited information available to her about the teas. Make sure you check out her video review as well!

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