Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup: July 21st – July 27th

2019 First Flush Ramro Cha · Mandal Gaon

Have you seen the wine rating style tea write-ups that Tony has been sharing on Tea Epicure? I really enjoy the short, no-fuss approach that he is taking. The numeric scoring system will make it easy to navigate previously rated teas. This Darjeeling oolong sounds like it would be right up my alley.

East Matcha Green Tea Frappucino

Jee from Oh, How Civilized shared her recipe for a picture-perfect matcha green tea frappucino. Ordering these from Starbucks is one of my guilty pleasures but this post definitely makes me want to try making them at home instead. I love that you can adjust the amount of sweetness.

Uncle Nearest Whiskey + Peach Infused Oolong

Nazanin from Tea Thoughts is a girl after my own whiskey-loving heart. This week she shared a recipe for a tea cocktail featuring fresh peaches and dancong oolong. My husband might even drink this one! Her tip about gently rinsing the leaves in order to open them up is a game-changer.

Bitterleaf Teas 2019 Bitter End Xtra Sheng Puerh – July 2019 Early Look

Micah from The Weekend Sessions took a bullet for all of us this week by drinking Bitterleaf Teas Bitter End Extra and lived to tell the tale. I enjoy sheng with a bit of bite this one might be too much, even for me. It will be interesting to see how it will age and mellow over time.

Hooty Tea Travels – 2019 Teafest PDX in Portland Oregon

Char from Oolong Owl lived her best tea life at Teafest PDX last weekend. Posts like this always make me jealous of the awesome festivals west coasters have access to. She shared some unique and interesting finds. Be on the lookout for a certain red owl in the pictures.

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