Friday Roundup

Friday Roundup: December 15th – December 21st

The Friday Roundup is a weekly collection of five of my favorite blog posts from around the world. It’s my little way of getting the word out about all of my favorite tea blogs. Is there someone I’m missing? Let me know about it in the comments below!

Festive Tea Cocktails for the Winter, Featuring Tea Sparrow

Jenn at Tea Leaves and Tweed put together recipes for some holiday tea-infused cocktails. They all sound delicious but I definitely think I’m partial to the Tea Cobbler with Ruby Oolong. Mixology is something I’ve been wanting to explore more of so this post is a good place to start.

How Businesses Can Properly Recognize International Tea Day

Every year I see companies posting inappropriately about International Tea Day. Rather than a celebratory holiday, it is meant to draw attention to the impact that the tea trade has on workers and growers. Lu Ann from The Cup of Life offers some great tips on how to get it right.

A tea-themed tree full of memories

‘Tis the season. Angela from Tea with Friends shared her very festive tea-themed Christmas tree. There is a small handful of tea ornaments on my tree but this collection is quite impressive. I love how she incorporated festive tea tins into the display as well.

Degrees of Adventurous Perils

Danae from Camellia’s Treaty put one of her favorite teas through its paces by brewing it at different temperatures. The change in taste can be surprisingly dramatic. I was able to try this tea at the Chicago Tea Festival and I can definitely see why she loves it so much.

Huang Zhi Xiang from Silk Road Teas

Marco from Steap’d reviewed one of my absolute favorite dancong varieties. I love how thorough his tasting notes are. Everything from the look at the leaves to the body sensation is covered in an approachable way. I’ll definitely have to check out the sampler that he recommended.

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