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    Tearroir Everspring (Spring 2014)

    Country of Origin: Taiwan Leaf Appearance: deep green , tightly rolled Ingredients: oolong tea Steep time: 30 seconds Water Temperature: 212 degrees Preparation Method: porcelain gaiwan Liquor: pale greenish gold I’m a sucker for a tea with a good story and I just had to give this one a try. According to Tearoir’s website, “The teamaker behind the Everspring is known as “Grandma Fang,” one of Taiwan’s only female tea-master entrepreneurs.”. ‘Nuff said, take my money! At $8 for 50g, it’s an absolute steal even without a great story. The leaves looked like a typical Nantou style rolled oolong. They were quite tiny but don’t be fooled, oolongs expand quite a bit. The…

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    Podcast Episode 8: Interview with Tearroir

    +Tearroir Tea is an international tea brand dedicated to providing authentic teas to curious people who yearn for new experiences, & dream of global exploration. Austin and David really know their stuff and I’m excited to share their story with you. We all shared their Dong Ding, my first ever live tasting! Make sure that you check out their website.