I think I have developed a serious Twitter addiction. In a very short period of time I’ve managed to connect with a ton of great people. There is quite the tea drinking community on there. I have 37 followers and am following 73 people right now but the numbers are always changing. Here are some of my favorites:

Teaviews: OK, so I’m a little biased since I am on the Teaviews staff. But they’d still be awesome even if I wasn’t.
sevencups: One of my favorite vendors, podcasters and just good all around tea folks.
geoffk: great writer and tea enthusiast
OrganicTea: fellow tea blogger
aliasgirl18: a lover of tea, tv and books. We have similar taste in american idol contestants 🙂
lainiep: another fellow tea blogger

I’ve also had a bunch of offers for free samples from vendors, can’t go wrong there :).

P.S. You can get to my twitter page by clicking on the title of this post.