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Top 5 Valentine’s Gifts for Tea Lovers

Finding a perfect Valentine’s Gift for your favorite tea lover is not always easy. Here are my top five suggestions (and hints to my own Valentine).

Tea Infused Chocolates from Arbor Teas

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a gift of chocolate and these tea infused truffles sound absolutely amazing.

Love Petals Gift Set from Adagio

This set of three Valentine’s inspired teas offers a little bit of everything with a white tea, black tea and rooibos blend. There’s enough to make about 50 cups of tea so your love will get lots of use out of it.

Golden Celebration Gyokuro from Hibiki-An

Special occasions call for special teas. This gyokuro comes with three packets of edible gold flakes that can be sprinkled each cup of tea after brewing. It would be a perfect drink to share after dinner with your sweetheart.

Inside Out Hearts Cup Set from Yedi Houseware

I actually got this set of adorable heart shaped cups for Christmas this year but I think they would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. The pink and red cups are perfect for a tea party for two.

A Tea Reader by Katrina Munichiello

Nothing goes together better than tea and books and most tea lovers I know are avid readers. Your Valentine will love this collection of essays from tea people that come from many different walks of life. They all beautifully illustrate the connectedness and sense of belonging that many of us feel when sipping our favorite cup of tea.

If you’d like to bookmark any of these ideas, feel free to repin them from my Pinterest board that is embedded below.

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