The Infusiast by Robert Godden

I picked up my copy of this book at A Gift of Tea’s Spring White Tea. Every tea lover’s favorite Australian, Robert Godden, was visiting New York City so I was lucky enough to get it signed and hear him read the introduction.  Having been a fan of his writings for a long time I was really excited to dive into it. Much like his own blog the book was at once knowledgeable, witty and a bit tongue in cheek. Each of the seven chapters offers anecdotes, facts and entertaining Robert-isms. It was a fairly quick but very enjoyable read.  

The historical insights were probably my favorite part. The heartbreaking story of Margaret’s Hope and the trials and tribulations of Robert Fortune are among the themes touched on. One of the chapters features five of Robert’s blog posts and that will give you a good idea of his usual style. The “Gratuitous Product Placement” boxes scattered throughout the pages are a great way to get to know some of The Devotea’s wonderful tea blends. I highly recommend Lord Petersham and Finbarr’s Revenge. I’ve added this book to my tea book list on Good Reads. Feel free to vote for your own favorite books!

You can find out more about this book here.

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