The Dorchester Launches Secret Scottish Tea Garden

A few months ago I shared my experience of having Scottish Afternoon Tea at the Lowell with Wee Tea Company. I had been keeping tabs on Dalreoch Estate even before that because I find what they do fascinating. Their successes give me hope of my own tea plants doing well here in New Jersey. I recently received word that they have partnered with London’s iconic The Dorchester for an exciting new project. They are now the only hotel in England to offer Scottish grown tea as part of their traditional afternoon tea service.

The Dorchester’s Promenade will be offering three Scottish teas on their menu; Garrocher Grey, Dalreoch White Tea and Dalreoch Smoked Tea. In addition, they’ve been secretly working to cultivate a tea garden on the roof of the hotel. How cool is that? Their timing couldn’t be better because this week is UK National Afternoon Tea Week.

Tea growing on the roof of The Dorchester – Photo credit
Wee Tea Plantation owner Tam O’Braan commented “The garden is in part our homage to the known edict of Sir Winston Churchill’s during World War Two to grow tea and other dietary staples in the UK as part of the Dig For Victory campaign. While those wartime tea growing efforts are known to have finished prematurely (as the war ended), this tea garden will remain in situ and be viewable from many of the hotel’s rooms”. I’d love to wake up to a view of a tea garden, especially in a busy city like London. 
I think London is a travel destination on every tea lover’s wishlist. If I ever do make a trip across the pond, The Dorchester will be near the top of my to do list. Garrocher Tea Garden Owner Angela Hurrell added: “Afternoon Tea at The Dorchester is such an iconic institution. I am delighted to see Scottish single estate teas have been added to the menu, including of course Garrocher Grey Tea. It shows tea growing in Scotland is sustainable and of the highest quality”.
Angela & Tam at The Dorchester – Photo credit
Seeds Growing on The Dorchester Tea Garden – Photo credit

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