The Dark Side of Tea Issue – Going Out October 31st!

It’s almost time for the next issue of my quarterly journal. The usual focus is on growing regions or specific types of tea but this time around I’m tackling the “dark side” of tea. It’s a difficult topic and I’m just hoping that I’m able to do it justice. The goal is to provide balanced information rather than delivering doom and gloom.

I’m also asking for my reader’s help. I’m conducting a consumer survey on the terms fair trade and organic and what they mean to you. The results will be published in the journal with the hopes of having a better understanding of how the average tea drinkers sees these important issues.

In case you haven’t already subscribed, the journal is sent as a high quality PDF download to my email list. Just use the box below to sign up!

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I couldn’t resist sharing the link a little early on social media and the results are already really exciting (and in a few cases, hilarious).

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I also wanted to let you all know that the publishing schedule will be changing here a bit. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere! Rather than posting five days a week, the schedule will be changing as follows:

-Monday: informative posts on various tea subjects
-Wednesday: tea reviews, maybe a bit more in depth than before
-Fridays: the usual blog round up

The goal is bring you guys better quality posts rather than a higher quantity. Over the next coming weeks, I’d love to hear feedback on the new changes.