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The Ancient Tea Horse Road by Jeff Fuchs

The hardcover version of this book is out of print and extremely rare but thankfully there is a Kindle version available on Amazon. My obvious motivation for reading it was the tea but I quickly found myself drawn in by the people, their stories and the element of adventure. Jeff’s voracious appetite for tea and knowledge of the many ethnic minorities of China and Tibet made him the perfect person to tell this tale. Peppered with humor and lots of puerh, it follows his journey along the ancient tea horse road (also known as Cha Ma Gu Dao).

Mountain passes and small villages help put together a picture of what life was like when this road was a vital lifeline of trade in China. In writing this book, he has preserved an oral history that might otherwise have been lost. The Kindle version had a few typos (yes, I’m THAT person) but otherwise was a very good rendition. There a few small photographs scattered throughout but they are all beautiful shots. If you enjoy the book, I recommend perusing Jeff’s website, Tea and Mountain Journals. His company, +JalamTeas, is also definitely worth checking out.

You can find out more about this book here.

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