Tea Places: Teavana Lexington Avenue

It’s been open for a few months but I finally had a chance to stop by Teavana’s new Lexington Avenue location. While I’m not a frequent customer of this particular retail chain, I was inclined to stop in since this is their first Manhattan shop. While a little on the small side, the interior was airy and well organized. Teavana is known for its pushy salespeople but I found the staff here friendly and unobtrusive. Being on a busy corner in the Upper East Side, they probably don’t need to resort to the same sales tactics as a mall based location.

I picked up a copy of The Tea Companion by Jane Pettigrew (review coming) as well as a Taylor tea thermometer to replace one that I had broken. I fought multiple urges to buy any teaware because I’m generally out of shelf space. Before leaving I got a cup of dragonwell to go. While I tried hard not to make a face when asked if I would like it to be sweetened, it was well prepared and delicious. I’m rarely in that part of town but I won’t hesitate to stop in again.

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