Tea Places: Tea Drunk

Nestled on an eclectic block in the East Village you will find Tea Drunk, a brand new tea house with a mission to introduce New York City to true Chinese tea culture. The whole shop is beautifully appointed in bamboo and bright white place settings. Each table is equipped with a draining tea tray, gaiwan, fairness pitcher, strainer and cups. Customers are welcome to peruse the shelves of teaware, take a seat at the tea bar or to share a “pao” of tea with friends. Cups to go of select teas are sold here as well as loose leaf tea by the ounce. The owner, Shunan, is knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She sourced all of the teas herself, directly from farmers in China.

You might find yourself asking, what is tea drunk? It is a state of intoxication induced by fine tea that can feel similar to the one caused by alcohol. The best part is that there’s no hangover with tea! This would be a perfect stop after dinner or even help build up your appetite with a bit of a tea buzz. Cups to go of select teas are available so don’t be afraid to stop in when you don’t have time to stay.

Teas to try:

Ya Shi Xiang – an excellent oolong whose name I am told translates as “Duck Sh*t Fragrance”. Rest assured that waterfowl fecal water would be much more popular if it was anything like this tea 🙂

Ancient Man E Village – a loose raw puerh from Bu Lang mountain. This one really packs a wallop.

You can find out more about this tea place here.

Disclaimer: I became the manager of Tea Drunk shortly after this post was written. I no longer work there.

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