Tea Lover Spotlight: May King Tsang

One of my dear tea loving friends, +May King Tsang, is having a bit of trouble with Australian immigration. Please take a moment to learn about her and do what you can to help. Sign the petition and share this story on social media if you can. May King is a wonderful resource for the tea community both in Australia and online. She shares her knowledge with others generously and has one of the most upbeat personalities that I have ever come across.

May King Tsang is a Tea Expert, Entrepreneur and also the founder of the biggest and most successful social media group for Queensland SMEs Queensland Business Group (queenslandbusinessgroup.com).

The group was featured on Startup Smart (http://www.startupsmart.com.au/techno…) last week because it is so popular, we have decided to turn it into a business and there has been enormous support for this with 100 people at our launch event last week and already nearly 50 people signed up for our new membership program already.

May King came to Australia on her husband’s visa in July 2010 (They were married in 2004). She started up her business May King Tea before coming to Australia (in 2009) but she is now well established as a Teanote speaker and tea business mentor here in Queensland. She started the Queensland Business Group on Facebook in 2010 and it now has more than 3000 active members with about 50 requests to join per day.

May King is to be featured at GOMA over the summer in an upcoming exhibition. She is making waves and is considered a leader in the Queensland SME community, particularly in Brisbane.

In the second week of September, last year May King’s husband announced he wanted a divorce and reported her to immigration.

The Queensland Business Group crowdfunded a campaign to keep May King in Queensland, and we raised enough to pay for her visa application. Here’s the video and what we achieved:https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/5Nli5.

Literally, just after meeting to decide on the official structure of the new QBG as a business, last week we found out her Visa Application was declined by the Department of Immigration and that she had 21 days from receipt of letter (August 22) to launch an appeal. She only checked her PO Box on Wednesday last week. One of the reasons stated for the rejection was because she hadn’t been a business owner in Queensland for more than 5 years (she is just a few months short of that).

The Queensland Business Group is once again rallying behind May King to keep her in Queensland. She has done so much for all of us. We should be giving her awards and accolades, not kicking her out of the country.

We have started a social media campaign to keep May King Tea a Queensland Business #maykingfairgo. We’ll be telling members to contact the Immigration Minister, Shadow Minister, the Member for Brisbane, and their local members via social media, phone and email in force over the next few days (We know there’s just been an election, but have no time to waste).