Tea Infused Bath and Beauty Haul from iHeartTeas

Some of you might remember that I previously reviewed +iHeartTeas  Green Tea & Lemongrass Lip Balm. A few months ago I ordered several of Rachel’s awesome products so I did mini reviews of each of them. Beauty blogs often refer to this kind of thing as a “haul” so I thought that I should follow suit 🙂

Matcha Mint Julep Lip Balm
I actually purchased this at the New York Coffee and Tea Festival. The texture was super smooth and creamy without being waxy. The cooling sensation from the mint was very refreshing. I was so glad that I was actually able to taste the sweet and vegetal matcha. 
Sweet Orange Matcha Lip Balm
I think that this is my favorite lip balm from iHeartTeas yet. It stays in purse so that I can take it everywhere. The orange peel oil is strong but not overpowering. Again, I love that I can still taste the matcha. It’s an instant mood lifter when I put this on.

Sweet Tea Body Lotion

As much as I’m a traditionalist when it comes to tea, I have a major addiction to Southern style sweet tea. This cream has been on my wish list for a while and I so glad that I finally indulged. It smells amazing! I’m very sensitive to perfumy lotions so I was happy to find the scent to be light and unoffensive. It left my skin feel smooth and soft without being greasy.

White Tea Facial Cream

I have combination skin and finding a good moisturizer has always been a battle for me. Just as with the sweet tea lotion above, the scenting was light and pleasant. My allergies were not triggered by it in the least. It was light and absorbed into my skin easily. The best party is, it didn’t leave my face looking like an oil slick as most other creams do.

Tangerine Salt Scrub

Although not tea infused, Rachel included a sample of this with my order and I just had to try it. Not only did it smell amazing but my skin felt great afterwards. I definitely think that I’ll be ordering this for exfoliating when my skin gets dry in the winter.

In case you missed it, Rachel from iHeartTeas was my very first podcast guest. Check out our interview!

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