Tea Gshwendner Strawberry White Tea

Tea Gshwendner continues to be one of my favorite tea companies. Nearly all of their teas that I have tried have been exceptionally good and their strawberry white tea is no exception. The manufacturer lists the ingredients as including white tea, strawberries and natural flavor. I surprised to see that the dry leaves really did consist of white tea leaves and large bits of strawberry. Many strawberry teas that I have tried used various other berries to create a faux strawberry that often results in a bitter brew. I made this tea using my Zarafina tea maker set on strong white. The liquor was deep yellow and the aroma of strawberries was very apparent.

This tea was simply wonderful. It was obvious that the white tea used was of a very high quality. The strawberry and the taste of the white tea complement each other so well. It was sweet and delicate without lacking in flavor. My very picky boyfriend who sweetens even the nicest of teas found it to be sweet enough on its own. I am sure that I will find myself ordering this tea in the near future. I think it would make a fantastically refreshing iced tea.

I know I’ve been bad but I have a lot of stuff coming. More reviews and my first attempts at matcha!

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