Tea for Me Please on FourSquare

Being the social media addict that I am, I use and abuse the social check in site foursquare. They’ve recently added a list feature so I had to take the opportunity to catalog all of my favorite local tea themed haunts. Most of them are in New York City or in New Jersey. Now whenever I’m jonesing for a good cup of tea I can just pull up the app on my phone and see what is nearby. Where are your favorite tea places? Do you have your own foursquare list? Post it in the comments so I can follow! I’m reminded of how many great places I still need to get to.

Update: It’s been a few years since I wrote this article and my list has grown quite a bit. FourSquare recently rolled out brand bages so I’ve created one for the blog. I’ll adding tips about my favorite tri-state area tea places so make sure you like my page to stay up to date. Hopefully they will allow mobile check ins for pages soon since I’d really like to be able to share my tea adventures with you all.