Tavalon Sweet Lemongrass

I won one of Tavalon’s Twitter contests so I used my prize to buy an assortment of their teas. I’m not a big fan of herbals but their Sweet Lemongrass was included so I figured I would try it anyway. According to my dictionary it is a tropical grass that is native to southern India and Sri Lanka, yielding aromatic oil used as flavoring and in perfumery and medicine. The dry tea pretty much looked like dried grass but with slightly more variance in color.

This tea just wasn’t for me. I usually love Tavalon’s teas but I think my dislike of this particular selection has more to do with flavor preferences. It wasn’t offensive; it just tasted like lemon flavored water and I guess that I’m just not a lemony person. I do keep this tea at work so I can get a vitamin c boost when I feel under the weather. It wasn’t bad but I probably wouldn’t recommend this tea.

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