Tavalon Menage a Gummies

I’ve been intrigued by Tavalon’s gourmet gummie bears for some time so when I saw the Tavalon booth at the New York Coffee and Tea Festival I took the change to pick up a small jar. While not exactly “healthy” for you they use all natural ingredients, some of which are organic. They smelled amazing due to the fact that they use real fruit extracts instead of artificial flavoring. I love finding something I can indulge in without feeling guilty afterwards.

At $5.50 for 4oz they are probably the most expensive gummy bears I have ever had but I have to say that it was worth it. They are simply melt in your mouth delicious. They come in acai blueberry, pomegranate white tea and peach green tea. I actually found myself rationing them so that I wouldn’t run out too quickly. These sweet treats would make a great gift for a tea loving friend.

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