Tandem Tea Tasting: SerendipiTea Fu Man Chu

Photo: Instagram – teaformeplease

The Tandem Tea Tasters are at it again. This month we tasted Fu Man Chu from SerendipiTea. I previously reviewed this tea back in May and hadn’t tasted it since. It was nice to revisit such an enjoyable blend, especially when sharing it with great company. This time it was just the ladies as Sir +Geoffrey Norman was occupied for the evening.

I steeped the tea in my usual loosey goosey way using a ceramic teacup with a mesh infuser. +Rachana Rachel Carter opted for a gaiwan to steep her sample. The taste was just as wonderfully complex as I had remembered. Our initial sips brought many oohs and aahs, especially from those among us that had never tried it before. We all agreed that the jasmine was a surprisingly pleasant addition. These are not ingredients that we would have ever thought of combining. The earthiness of the puerh and a slight fruitiness were also noticed. +Jo J experimented with keeping the leaves in the water rather than removing them and it resulted in an overpowering brew. +Darlene Meyers-Perry enjoyed her cup so much that she lost her mind for a moment :). The steeped leaves were absolutely gorgeous and I could resist snapping the picture at the bottom of this post.

Our topics of conversation ranged from current events in the tea world to crafting and my upcoming visit to Washington, D.C. We all had the usual giggle fits and bouts of silliness, most of which we blamed on the jasmine. The wonderful thing about Hangouts on Google+ is that they are pretty close to sitting down with a cup of tea in person. Next month our tasting will be very fall inspired and I am looking forward to it. As per usual, I’ll be adding everyone’s blog posts as they get published.

+Jo J of Scandalous Tea, An Evening with Fu Man Chu Tandem Tea Tasting
+Rachana Rachel Carter of +iHeartTeas, Fu Man Chu Time – Tadem Tea Tating #2
+Darlene Meyers-Perry of The Tea Enthusiast’s Scrapbook

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