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    Repairing Yixing with Kintsugi

    I’m a very accident prone person but thankfully that fault has rarely extended to my teaware. I was a bit hearbroken when the lid of one my yixing teapots became the latest victim. I’ve dropped this lid on numerous occasions but my new apartment has ceramic tile floors that are very hard. The pot isn’t a particularly nice one but it is the second yixing that I ever purchased. It’s also dedicated to Taiwanese oolongs like Dong Ding, one of my favorite types of tea. While trying to figure out what to do, I remembered a repair kit that I had seen on Pinterest a while back. A company in the Netherlands called…

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    Mandala Tea Green Legendary Beauty Yixing

    I have been wanting to dedicate an yixing to raw puerh for some time so I asked my boyfriend to get me this little pot for Christmas. Isn’t he the best? I really wanted this one because it a very similar shape to the yixing that I have dedicated to Dancong oolong. It is made from Ben Shan clay which gives it a greenish color and somewhat sandy appearance. The color is a bit paler than their picture but it is exactly what I wanted. My first brew after seasoning was very good and it did not have any muddy or clay aftertastes. It pours wonderfully and the lid makes a fairly air…

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    Seasoning Your Yixing

    My first yixing, dedicated to Dancong There comes a time in every tea lover’s life when they are faced with a dilemma. How do you season an yixing teapot? There are several different ways to do it and it’s hard to know which one is right for you and your teaware. Good quality yixing teapots can be a very expensive investment and many people are afraid of damaging their beautiful new acquisition. The first step is deciding which tea to dedicate your pot too. I believe that you don’t need to be super specific but you should stick to a particular family (i.e. green oolongs, cooked puerh). My own personal pots are dedicated…

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    Squirting Frog Tea Pet

    I’ve had this adorable frog tea pet for a while and finally got around to filming a video. Most tea pets are just figurines that sit on your tea table but this one is special because it squirts water! It is made out of yixing clay but I’m not really sure how it works. I’m assuming it is some kind of heat transfer because the water that he shoots is always cool. Even with a slotted tea table, it can get quite messy but it makes for a fun tea session. Do you have any tea pets? I’d love to hear about it!

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    iHeartTeas Yixing Tumbler

    I love my yixing teapots but they aren’t exactly something that I can take on the road with me. When I saw this tumbler I just had to have it. It is coated in Teflon and then lined with yixing clay. I started the process of seasoning it by filling it with boiling water and allowing it too cool to room temperature. Then I poured a generous amount of oolong leaves in the tumbler and filled it with boiling water again, this time letting it sit overnight. I selected the Nantou Si Ji Chun from In Pursuit of Tea since I had quite a bit of that tea on hand. I dumped out…

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    Seven Cups Sunrise Pear Yi Xing Pot

    Ever since I started my obsession with tea I have wanted to get a Yixing teapot. After months of debate, I finally decided on the Sunrise Pear pot from Seven Cups. Their customer service was amazing and it shipped very quickly. The pot came in a plain brown box but inside was a bright pink and yellow silky drawstring bag. The bottom of the bag was padded with foam to protect the pot as well. It came with a certificate of authenticity which was nice since I consider a purchase like this one to be an investment. This is a smaller pot, just right for personal use. I find myself admiring its elegant…