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    Favorite Friday: Tea Toys

    I have a habit of collecting tea things that are completely unnecessary and yet I can’t live without them. My family, friends are co-workers all find these things completely ridiculous but my fellow lovers always think they are pretty neat. What’s your favorite tea toy? 1. Yama Glass Cold Drip Coffee and Tea Maker 2. Takeya Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker 3. Squirting Frog Tea Pet 4. Breville One-Touch Tea Maker 5. DCI Tea Duckie Floating Tea Infuser Click here to see all of my Favorite Friday posts.

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    Favorite Friday: Teapots

    Last week I feature five of my favorite teacups and it wasn’t any easier choosing teapots for this week’s installment. My teaware collection is pretty varied so I’ve got everything ranging from traditional yixing to British style Brown Bettys. What’s your favorite teapot? 1. Numi Organic Tea Signature Glass Tea Pot 2. Pier 1 Ginger Lily Teapot 3. Old Amsterdam Porcelain Works Royal Blue Teapot 4. Seven Cups Sunrise Pear Yi Xing Pot 5. Rishi Tea Tsuki Teapot Click here to see all of my Favorite Friday posts.

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    Favorite Friday: Teacups

    Choosing a favorite teacup is next to impossible. I collected them like crazy when I first started drinking tea. Now that I’ve settled down a bit, the pieces I buy are usually very unique or meaningful. Here are five that have become my trusty companions over the years. Tell me about your favorite teacup in the comments! 1. Teavana Green Embossed Lotus Infuser Mug 2. Yumi Yumi Octopus Creature Cup 3. Ice Split Hagi 4. Royal Albert Polka Rose Pattern Teacup 5. Teacarina, the Musical Tea Cup Click here to see all of my Favorite Friday posts.

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    Favorite Friday: Traveling with Tea

    Getting my tea fix on the go can often be a challenge but I’ve discovered a few tools over the years that make it a lot easier. As with most things, simplicity is best. I use all of these things at least once a week, especially while I am commuting. 1. Taylor Connoisseur Digital Tea Thermometer/Timer 2. Teaity 3. Planetary Design Tea Tumbler 4. Steep & Go 5. Thistledown Cozies Tea Wallet What are your favorite tea tools when you are traveling? Click here to see all of my Favorite Friday posts.

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    Favorite Friday: Tea Books

    I’m working on doing a weekly series focusing on my favorite tea things since I’m often asked for recommendations. These books are in no particular order but they are all definitely worth checking out. 1. Culinary Tea by Cynthia Gold and Lisë Stern 2. Tea: History, Terroirs and Varieties by Kevin Gascoyne, Francois Marchand and Jasmin Desharnais 3. Wild Tea Hunter by JT Hunter 4. For All of the Tea in China by Sarah Rose 5. The Infusiast by Robert Godden For more recommendations on great tea books to read, check out my list on GoodReads! Click here to see all of my Favorite Friday posts.