Sunday Sundae at T Shop – Round Two

Back in August I attended an awesome ice cream social type event called Sunday Sundae. It was a blast so I was super excited when I found out that there would be a round two. It also just happened to be on my day off. Somehow I was the first one to arrive. I was ok with that since +T Shop is a great place to just relax and hang out. I had a chance to chat a bit with the master ice cream maker himself, Max Falkowitz (formally of Serious Eats, now at Saveur). Although I was excited to dig into the cold stuff, the fall weather had me seriously craving the Royal Milk Tea served on the patio by +Tiny Pinecone Teahouse and Bakeshop. It was rich, creamy and everything that I wanted it to be.

Now that I was sufficiently warmed it was time to move on to the ice cream and cookies. The offerings this time around were Cointreau White, Roasted Oolong, Hong Kong Breakfast and Ripe Puerh. The ripe puerh was the first one that I tried. I couldn’t believe how chocolaty it tasted. There were quite a few other guests who stated that they hated puerh but loved this ice cream. The Honk Kong Breakfast would have to be my favorite though. It was made with the High Mountain Black Tea from last time along with lemon. The taste was incredibly bright and refreshing.

Lisa at Tiny Pinecone is an incredibly talented baker. The matcha tuiles and genmaicha white chocolate cookies were to die for. My stomach was a bit overloaded with all of that dairy filled goodness so I indulged in several cups of Theresa’s excellent teas. The moonlight white is a favorite that I always turn to but the roasted oolong really hit the spot that day. To make things even better I was able to sit down for a nice long chat with my friend +Jo J. We both had excellent news to share and I was glad to get to see her before her trip to Taiwan.

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